Current members of the Social Emotions Lab


Fredrick Duong

I am interested in the effects of empathy and compassion on prosocial behavior and, more specifically, I am interested in how these emotions might differ. My research investigates if compassion, in contrast to empathy, might better compel behavior that results in long-term prosocial benefits at the expense of short-term costs. Ultimately, I believe better understanding of the differences between empathy and compassion will help create interventions that better foster prosocial behavior.



Shanyu Kates

My research broadly focuses on how gratitude can promote cooperation and well-being at both the individual and group levels. I am interested in how gratitude functions in an intergroup context, specifically whether it makes us behave more prosocially toward out-group members. In addition, I am interested in how gratitude can be a tool to help us overcome cognitive biases (e.g., status quo bias) that often hinder decision-making.



Lab Alumni/ae:

Monica Bartlett, Associate Professor of Psychology, Gonzaga University

Paul Condon, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Southern Oregon University

Leah Dickens, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Kenyon College 

Daniel Lim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Pennsylvania State University

Piercarlo Valdesolo, Associate Professor of Psychology, Claremont McKenna College

Lisa Williams, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of New South Wales

Jolie Wormwood, Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of New Hampshire